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New Catan Card Game Video Posted

If you like Settlers of Catan, Card Games, and portability, you should check this video out. Cory Duplantis provides you with an overview of how to play the game, as well as a bit of strategy and a review.



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Two New Settlers of Catan Expansion Videos

We posted a two-part video series for Settlers of Catan. It came to our attention that there were several videos about Settlers of Catan, but none that really showed you what was in the boxes of the expansions or how the expansions help enhance the game. One of the expansions has scenarios, another has campaigns & variants, while the third actually alters the standard gameplay of Settlers of Catan.

Here is Part 1. In it, Barry introduces Catan: Seafarers and Catan: Cities & Knights.

Here is Part 2. In it, Barry introduces Catan: Traders & Barbarians and the 5-6 Player extensions.

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Settlers of Catan: A Beginner’s Strategy Guide

Settlers of Catan is one of the first Euro-style games to come to America, and has won countless awards. If you’re looking for tips on how to improve your game, the most important place to focus is on your initial two settlement placements. These two decisions, often made in a minute or so, can have as much impact on your chances for victory as a half-hour’s worth of turns later in the game.

Initial Placement

The most obvious thing to consider, and most important, the dots associated with each number. The dots on each number indicate how frequently it is likely to be rolled. Consequently, you should be sure to place both of your settlements at intersections with a high number of surrounding dots. The red numbers (6 and 8 ) have five dots each, so obviously, you’re much better off playing on an intersection of 6, 9, and 3, then of a 4, 5, and 11.

Another thing worth paying attention to isn’t just the total of dots, but the different sorts of numbers you have as well. If you place your initial settlements on two 4s, two 6s, and two 9s, then unless someone rolls a 9, 6, or 4, you aren’t going to get any resources, and can prepare for a long, boring defeat. Diversifying your initial settlement numbers increases the chance that you will get at least something from every roll. And that’s a good thing, because even if it’s not the resource you wanted, you can always trade it for one you do need.

Resource Types
Pay attention to the types of materials available in the game. There are more sheep tiles than any other resource, so sheep tend to be less valuable. The other resources have the same number of tiles – but not the same availability! If two of the three brick spaces have low-dot numbers (like 2 and 11), there will probably be an early brick shortage as players attempt to build roads. This makes a settlement on the single high-dot brick space (a 6 or 8 ) a strong opening placement.

Try to have settlements that gain you compatible pairs of resources, such as wood and brick, or ore and wheat. Wood and brick will allow you to quickly build roads in the early game, working towards more settlements. Ore and wheat will allow you to upgrade your settlements into cities, thus increasing resource production. Either can be very strong

Try to avoid playing both of your initial settlements in the same corner of the map, unless you can guarantee that you won’t get boxed in. It may be tempting to connect your two settlements and get a head start on longest road, but more often than not this strategy won’t work.

Consider the ports. Starting on a port is probably a bad idea because you’ll want your initial settlements on 3-resource intersections. However, being close to a port is important, because building to one early in the game will give you more trading flexibility.

During the Game

Move to a port early, if possible. The 2:1 ports are great if you have high production of the associated resource, otherwise not so much. You’ll want lots of room to play new settlements and possibly reach for longest road, so try to expand towards underpopulated areas. If you’re competing with someone else for the same area, move to block them if you can, but don’t sink roads into going towards somewhere you can be blocked out of too easily.

Development Cards
If you started with decent ore and wheat production, grab a few sheep and buy some development cards. At worst, these are a soldier, sometimes a victory point, and sometimes a special card that will allow you to swing the game in your favor later. Holding lots of soldiers leaves you in a good position to keep the robber off of your property, and sets you up to gain the largest army bonus later in the game.

Resource Cards
Try not to sit around with more than seven cards in your hand, because the robber will be rolled fairly frequently. This means that you should often build something when you can (cities, new settlements, development cards, or even roads). Don’t be afraid to use the ports if you have a large hand of cards; shipping three sheep for a brick may seem like a bad deal, but if it gets your hand back to reasonable size and gives you resources you need, go for it.

And don’t forget about trading with other players. Most people won’t trade with you unless they gain a boost to their position, so be sure that any time you trade, you are also gaining a boost to your position as well. Trade on your turn to get resources you can use immediately.

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Settlers of Catan and Blokus Rank on Top 10 List

According to, board games are still a big hit at the holiday times.

Every year, they post a Top 10 list of Christmas Toys. This year, we wanted to point out two items on the list. The board game bookends!

The first is the #10 item. The premiere strategy game from Mayfair Games, Settlers of Catan.  This game has reached mainstream status. It never gets old and can be expanded through three other expansion sets. The replayability is here and definiately worth checking out. If you have ever played civilization-building games on your PC, you will love this game. In Settlers, the process of resource gathering and strategic planning creates constant interaction with your opponents and every person’s turn can affect you – positively or negatively.

The other item is all the way up the list, at #1. The abstract game, Blokus, is one of the most accessable and intrigueing games in a long time. If you like games like Tetris, this is definately a game for you to try. It is extremely addictive. One of the cool aspects of this game is you can play it by yourself. Each player has a series of plastick tiles in different shapes. The simple goal is to put as many of the tiles on the board as you can. However, you must  follow a single rule – Each of your tiles must only touch a corner of another of your tiles (the same color). After a while, it becomes very hard to place any tiles because each other player is doing the same thing. Talk about a mind bender…

So, do away with the electronics and isolation this holiday season. Save yourself some money. For about $50, you can get two games that will have tons of replayability, the entire family will enjoy, and you might actually have a smarter child in the end.

For the record, we run the online board game store, Best Dang Games. Our sales pattern has shown that Blokus hits at #8, and Settlers of Catan hits at #10. But, we offer a strategy game bundle that includes Settlers of Catan, and it is ranked #2.

Get Settlers of Catan or Blokus.

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New Board Game Bundle of the Month! Settlers, Carcassonne, and Puerto Rico

We wanted to let everyone know that we have decided to move towards a Board Game Bundle of the Month, rather than a single board game/card game.

This month, we are spotlighting the three core strategy board games that every gamer should own: Settlers of Catan, Carcassonne, and Puerto Rico.

Typically, this game bundle would be $70.00. But, because of the holiday season, and we know this would make someone an AWESOME gift, we are leaving it on sale through Dec. 31. The sale price is: $52.50. That averages less than $18.00 per game. If there ever was a time to get these three games, now is the time!

You can check out the bundle for yourself at Here is the bundle.

Happy Holidays!

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World of Warcraft Adventure Game and Power Grid Videos Posted

We created two new videos for you this month.

I was so excited this month! I am a huge fan of the Warcraft PC games. I have never played World of Warcraft. I know what happens if I do – my life gets sucked away and nothing gets done. Therefore I avoid it. I saw the World of Warcraft board game and thought “Wow, that would be great to play”. I never did. I learned that it was a five-seven hour event. Again, stayed away because I would not have anyone willing to devote that amount of time.

But, this month, Fantasy Flight Games answered my request for a shorter version of the game. I give you World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game.

As with our other product videos, we show you all the details of the parts, pieces, and basically how the game is set up. The goal is to help you determine if you want to add this game to your collection.

By the way, this video has been viewed over 5,000 times on YouTube. Holy Cow!

The second video is about a game I have been curious about. So, we picked up a demo copy and opened it for you to see and for us to learn how to play. This game is Power Grid from Rio Grande Games. It is a very interesting game.

The goal is to buy the most efficient power plants you can through an auction system. Then, you need to buy resources to supply power. At that point, you need to connect your power plants to cities. You get points for the cities. The interesting thing about the game is that it gets more expensive as you go and resources become harder to get. Also, there are not any die rolls or card plays in this game. It is all you! Either you can win or not. It is all on the table for you to see what the other people are doing. If you get behind, it becomes very hard to come back.

This game ships with a double-sided board, so you can play in the US or in Germany. There are also some expansion boards that offer other countries. This allows you to change up your game experiences.

As always, enjoy the videos.

I think next month, we will venture to the land of Catan and look at Settlers of Catan and Traders & Barbarians – the new expansion. We will probably also look at 1960: The Making of the President.

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North Orlando Family Board Game Club Update

We had our first game day at the DeBary Library. We will be holding the club here for at least the next three months.

We had a large selection of games and one new visitor who wanted to check it out and see what we were doing. Unfortunately, there were a couple of folks who contacted me and were unable to make it. Maybe next month.

So, my friend John and I had a great day of playing games and looking at how we can enhance for all of you.

We played one old game, Settlers of Catan. I introduced John to three other games, as well. We played Memoir 44 and it went over alright. He liked it, but in the end, John seems to be a eurogame lover, like myself.

We continued the party back at my place and included my wife and daughter. We learned how to play Puerto Rico and played two rounds of Shadows Over Camelot.

John, my daughter, and my wife playing Shadows Over Camelot

The first game of Shadows was without the traitor. We played a tense game with everyone trying to remember and understand how to play. When we won, we immediately said “Let’s do that again!” So, we did.

We all thought my daughter was the traitor, but she would keep doing stuff to prove she wasn’t. In the end, John ended up revealing himself as the trator just so he could taunt us. In the end, we got SPANKED and evil ran us over like a steamroller. I expect this will be a game we play again.

Regarding the next event, we invite you to come out and play some games if you are in the North Orlando area. To learn more about our events, check out this posting about the North Orlando Family Board Game Club.

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