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Fluxx Card Game – Goals and the Keepers that Go With Them

Author – Chris Skinner

When playing the Fluxx card game, arguably the most important aspect is the end goal of the game.  One of the niftiest parts about this game is the fact that it doesn’t have a single end goal – it has multiple! 

While the Goals tell you exactly what you need right on them, the Keepers in your hand do not tell you which Goal they go with.  Since there are so many in the original, and even more in the newer versions, we’ve put together a list, forward and backwards, of the Goals you have and what Keepers go with them!

Listed By Goal

  • Squishy Chocolate – Cholocate and Sun
  • Star Gazing – Cosmos and Eye
  • Interstellar Spacecraft – Rocket and Cosmos
  • Time is Money – Time and Money
  • Toast – Bread and Toaster
  • All You Need is Love – Love and no other Keepers
  • Dough – Bread and Money
  • Hippyism – Peace and Love
  • Night and Day – Moon and Sun
  • Rocket to the Moon – Moon and Rocket
  • War = Death – Death and War
  • Winning the Lottery – Dreams and Money
  • 5 Keepers – Five of any Keeper
  • 10 Cards in Hand – 10 cards of any type
  • All that is Certain – Death and Taxes
  • The Appliances – Television and Toaster
  • Dreamland – Dreams and Sleep
  • Milk and Cookies – Cookies and Milk
  • Party Snacks – Party and (either 1 Bread or 1 Chocolate or 1 Cookie)
  • Rocket Science – Brain and Rocket
  • Baked Goods – Bread and Cookies
  • Bed Time – Sleep and Time
  • The Brain (No TV)  – Brain and no TV Keeper anywhere on table
  • Chocolate Cookies – Chocolate and Cookies
  • Chocolate Milk – Chocolate and Milk
  • Death by Chocolate – Chocolate and Death
  • Hearts and Minds – Brain and Love
  • The Mind’s Eye – Brain and Eye
  • Peace (no War) – Peace and no War Creeper anywhere on table

By Keeper

The number in parenthesis indicates the frequency it shows up in Goals

  •  The Brain(4) – Rocket Science, The Brain (no TV), Hearts and Minds, The Mind’s Eye
  • Bread – (4) – Dough, Toast, Party Snacks, Baked Goods
  • Chocolate – (4) – Squishy Chocolate, Party Snacks, Chocolate Cookies, Death By Chocolate
  • Cookies – (4) – Milk and Cookies, Baked Goods, Chocolate Cookies, Party Snacks
  • The Cosmos – (2) – Star Gazing, Interstellar Spacecraft
  • Death – (3) – All That is Certain, Death by Chocolate, War = Death
  • Dreams – (2) – Dreamland, Winning the Lottery
  • The Eye – (2) – Star Gazing, The Mind’s Eye
  • Love – (3) – All You Need Is Love, Hippyism, Hearts and Minds
  • Milk – (2) – Milk and Cookies, Chocolate Milk
  • Money – (3) – Time is Money, Dough, Winning the Lottery
  • The Moon – (2) – Night and Day, Rocket to the Moon
  • The Party – (1) – Party Snacks
  • Peace – (2) – Hippyism, Peace (No War)
  • The Rocket – (3) – Interstellar Spacecraft, Rocket to the Moon, Rocket Science
  • Sleep – (2) – Bed Time, Dreamland
  • Taxes – (1) – All That Is Certain
  • The Sun – (2) – Squishy Chocolate, Night and Day
  • Television – (1) – The Appliances
  • Time – (2) – Time is Money, Bed Time
  • The Toaster – (2) – The Appliances, Toast
  • War – (1) – War = Death

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Hosting a Gaming Night with Non-Gamers

Author:  Seth Brown – The Rising Pun

Board games are fun. You know this; that’s why you play them.

But many of your friends probably don’t know this. It isn’t their fault, it’s just how they were raised.

Most people who think of board games think of childhood games like Candyland or Life, or abstract games like Chess. And when you get together for a little party, most of them wouldn’t necessarily suggest board games as the evening’s activity. That’s where you come in.

Set Up an Evening

Tell a few friends that you’d like to have them over for gaming and dinner. Even if they’re not sure they like gaming, they’ll probably want to come over for the dinner, and you’ll be able to convince them to play. Don’t invite too many people at once; 3-5 people is a good number.

“Board Games? Aren’t Those for Kids?”

Explain to your friends that board games have improved a whole lot since their childhood. Just like video games, computers, and cars have evolved tremendously in the past few decades, board games have come a long way as well.

It’s worth making the point to your friends that the difference between today’s video games and Pong is similar to the difference between today’s board games and Candyland. Innovation has made games a lot more complex, and a lot more fun.

“But will it be too complicated for me?”

Assure your friends that you’ll start off with easy games that they’ll have no trouble getting the hang of. And then follow up on it; don’t promise them easy games and then drag out a complex war game. You’ll want to make sure that any games you play on your first gaming night will be easy to teach to a group of non-gamers.

Remember, a game moves at the speed of the slowest player, so set the difficulty level of your games accordingly.

Choosing The Right Games

Game selection is absolutely essential when planning a game night with non-gamers. If someone has never played board games as an adult before, and his first experience is a bad one, he’s not likely to want to play again.

When sharing games with non-gamers, you’ve got to have something that’s likely to make them appreciate the hobby, or at the very least, not scare them away.

Avoid long games. Someone who hasn’t gamed before probably won’t want to commit an entire evening to a single game, even if they understand the rules perfectly and aren’t losing. Throwing three non-gamers into a complicated four-hour game where they feel at a loss is likely to make them stay non-gamers.

Games with quick explanations are essential. Non-gamers don’t want to learn a whole book of new rules on their first night out, so stick to games with simple rules and fast play times. Most importantly, keep the personalities of your friends in mind. If your friends enjoy things that are silly and random, they might have a great time playing Fluxx. If they hate randomness and can’t stand not controlling their own destiny, they might be better off with Blokus.

On The Gaming Night

You should plan to eat dinner first if you’re cooking, otherwise you’ll have a lot of hungry people sitting around the gaming table ignoring the game while you keep running to the kitchen. Unless your friends are very, very neat, do not play a game over dinner. You’re much better off cleaning up first, clearing the table, and then setting up for some gaming.

You may want to start with a party game, like Charades or Apples to Apples. These are mostly non-competitive and unlikely to intimidate anyone. This will draw in some people, and cause others to hunger for games with a bit more meat.

That’s when you can bring out a game like Fluxx or Blokus. Try a few different games if possible, but if a friend likes a game enough to want a rematch, go for it. You may want to sit out for a game. If you have more people over than can play the chosen game, be willing to let your friends play the game while you comment on their options during their turn. If there is enough room for you to play in the game as well, don’t play a cut-throat game or attack other players too harshly. You should view your role in the first game as that of a teacher.

With any luck, they’ll want a second game, and then you can kick things into higher gear.

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We Now Carry Card Games!

You don’t need to have a game board to play a great game! Some card games are really good and a lot of fun.

After a couple of tests, we have decided that will start to carry different card game lines.

So, jump on over to our Card Game section and check out our games we carry.

Right now, on our site you can get:

  • Catan Card Games
  • Munchkin – we carry all the expansions and stand-alone games. Just ask for them.
  • Fluxx – we carry many of the incarnations of this game – including Zombie Fluxx (Origins Card Game of the Year Winner)
  • Killer Bunnies – we carry all the colored booster sets. Again, just ask.
  • Ticket To Ride – The Card Game
  • BANG! The Bullet – Every BANG! card ever published in one set

We have access to collectable card games, but we will not be carrying games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, or Magic due to rules in place by Wizards of the Coast that state we have to have a physical location to sell these. We do have access to other collectable card games, so if that is your game, let us know and we can probably get them for you.

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