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Dominion Video Part 1 Posted

Well, a bunch of people asked for a video with audio, so we decided to give you what you asked for and see how it goes.

The result is a two-part video on how to play the new card game from Rio Grande Games, Dominion.

This first video shows you the basic parts and pieces and walks through a round or so of how to play.

The second video, which we are editing now, finishes out the game. Look for that video as soon as we get a chance. The holiday season has been good to us and kept us very busy.

Also, if you want further information, here is a review of Dominion.


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Dominion – A Self-contained, Backwards CCG

Written by Gary Bacchus


Collectible card games (CCGs) have been on the scene for some time now. Throughout the early 90’s, many companies vied for the top shelf in this very lucrative hobby’s market. Now, only Magic: The Gathering really stands alone as the dominator. One problem that most non-collectible card gamers have with getting into this pastime is the cost. It can cost several hundred dollars to build a competitive, tournament-grade deck with enough cards to make it versatile. It can take weeks and weeks of play to get comfortable with the deck only to have it knocked out of commission by the upcoming rulings from the tournament organizers which are often set up by the same companies that produced the cards.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the experience of a collectible card game without all the cost and pain?

A CCG for Non-CCGers

Dominion fills this gap. The game casts you as a ruler of a small kingdom in a “land grabbing” competition. The player that is able to extend their domain the most wins. However, fans of collectible card games will recognize a sub-game that is similar to the process of building that perfect competition deck.

This card game has a 30 to 60 minute playtime for two to four players.

Dominion’s Price is RIGHT!

Inside Dominion, there are 500 cards, so the entire game is self-contained. There is no need to buy booster sets or anything like that.

The best part, is the entire game can be had for right around $30.00 plus shipping online. Compare that to Magic – $10.00 for the starter deck and boosters average $5-$7 a pack for 15 cards. That averages out to about  $0.33 per card in boosters. Expect to spend a few hundred dollars to build a good deck. With Dominion, and its 500 cards that come with it, it averages out to about $0.06 per card – way less than a traditional CCG.

Your Starting Deck

The majority of the cards are Kingdom cards (interchangeably, the game also refers to these as “action cards”). These are the cards which allow you to take actions which modify the flow of play. A game is played with 10 sets of these cards. However, the players themselves do not start off with any of these actions cards in their deck.

Instead, the game starts you off with a 7 money cards and 3 victory point cards.

The money cards allows you to purchase action cards, more, higher value money cards, and victory point cards.

The victory point cards do nothing for you when you draw them into your hand. They only serve you at the end of the game. Hence, the player is interested in deck distribution from the beginning of the game.

Your Turn

A player turn consists of four actions (A, B, C, D). The first two are optional. The final one is required. A player may play 1 (A)ction card , (B)uy 1 card available on the table, and then (C)lean up his turn by discarding all their cards played, un-played, and purchased into their own discard pile. The player then (D)raws five cards (or as many as they can if there are less than five) into their hand. Play then passes to the next player.

So, throughout the game, you are continuously building and tuning their deck. This is opposite of a traditional CCG. In Dominion, throughout the game, you are building your deck, so you develop a more powerful deck as the game continues, rather than building your deck before the game and bringing your “power deck” to the table for the game.

Most of these action cards allow you to change the flow of the standard player turn by allowing you to draw more cards, play more actions, purchase of more cards, or other actions such as forcing other players to discard their own cards.

The Main Challenge With the Game

The chief challenge to teaching and learning this game is keeping track of how many actions one has taken. It is easy to get lost if one is not paying attention. With time, though, that should be easily overcome. Also, the game doesn’t have an intuitive start as the ability to combine the play of several cards is a key to the game. If you haven’t had too much experience with collectible card games, it may take a play or two to figure out the combined mechanics.

Using the Suggested Starting Play Sets

It does help to use the suggested first play sets in the rear of the manual to start out with. I would suggest progressing from that fairly soon, however, as the game quickly devolves into a game of multiplayer solitaire. The medieval, land-grabbing theme is a bit thin, but that is a common thread throughout most CCGs and Euro games alike. Players of CCGs will feel right at home here. If you’ve played games like Fluxx, this may also be a natural progression as dealing with the anarchy inherent in Fluxx will make keeping track of your actions in Dominion a snap.

Get your copy of Dominion here.

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We Now Carry Card Games!

You don’t need to have a game board to play a great game! Some card games are really good and a lot of fun.

After a couple of tests, we have decided that will start to carry different card game lines.

So, jump on over to our Card Game section and check out our games we carry.

Right now, on our site you can get:

  • Catan Card Games
  • Munchkin – we carry all the expansions and stand-alone games. Just ask for them.
  • Fluxx – we carry many of the incarnations of this game – including Zombie Fluxx (Origins Card Game of the Year Winner)
  • Killer Bunnies – we carry all the colored booster sets. Again, just ask.
  • Ticket To Ride – The Card Game
  • BANG! The Bullet – Every BANG! card ever published in one set

We have access to collectable card games, but we will not be carrying games like Yu-Gi-Oh, Pokemon, or Magic due to rules in place by Wizards of the Coast that state we have to have a physical location to sell these. We do have access to other collectable card games, so if that is your game, let us know and we can probably get them for you.

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