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Jay Tummelson of Rio Grande Games Offers an Interview

We have been a little slow to edit and post our interviews. We have a few of them in the pipeline. We got a chance to speak with Jay Tummelson, the owner of Rio Grande Games. His game publishing company is responsible for most of the great European Family Strategy Games that make their way over to the US. Rio Grande Games is a consistant winner of the Spiel Des Jahres award (German Game of the Year).

Some of his stand-out games include:

  • Carcassonne
  • Puerto Rico
  • Dominion
  • Stone Age
  • Race For The Galaxy
  • Power Grid
  • Lost Cities
  • Thurn & Taxis
  • Zooloretto
  • Galaxy Trucker

That list goes on and on. If you want to learn a few strategy tips and see what makes Jay and Rio Grande tick, give this set of interviews a listen.

In this one, he speaks to us about the popularity of Dominion and how Dominion: Intrigue works with it.

In this portion of the interview, he talks about his take on what Rio Grande Games and Strategy Games are all about and why his company enjoys making them. He also talks about his philosophy on why allowing people to demo his games is important to him.


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Fluxx Card Game – Goals and the Keepers that Go With Them

Author – Chris Skinner

When playing the Fluxx card game, arguably the most important aspect is the end goal of the game.  One of the niftiest parts about this game is the fact that it doesn’t have a single end goal – it has multiple! 

While the Goals tell you exactly what you need right on them, the Keepers in your hand do not tell you which Goal they go with.  Since there are so many in the original, and even more in the newer versions, we’ve put together a list, forward and backwards, of the Goals you have and what Keepers go with them!

Listed By Goal

  • Squishy Chocolate – Cholocate and Sun
  • Star Gazing – Cosmos and Eye
  • Interstellar Spacecraft – Rocket and Cosmos
  • Time is Money – Time and Money
  • Toast – Bread and Toaster
  • All You Need is Love – Love and no other Keepers
  • Dough – Bread and Money
  • Hippyism – Peace and Love
  • Night and Day – Moon and Sun
  • Rocket to the Moon – Moon and Rocket
  • War = Death – Death and War
  • Winning the Lottery – Dreams and Money
  • 5 Keepers – Five of any Keeper
  • 10 Cards in Hand – 10 cards of any type
  • All that is Certain – Death and Taxes
  • The Appliances – Television and Toaster
  • Dreamland – Dreams and Sleep
  • Milk and Cookies – Cookies and Milk
  • Party Snacks – Party and (either 1 Bread or 1 Chocolate or 1 Cookie)
  • Rocket Science – Brain and Rocket
  • Baked Goods – Bread and Cookies
  • Bed Time – Sleep and Time
  • The Brain (No TV)  – Brain and no TV Keeper anywhere on table
  • Chocolate Cookies – Chocolate and Cookies
  • Chocolate Milk – Chocolate and Milk
  • Death by Chocolate – Chocolate and Death
  • Hearts and Minds – Brain and Love
  • The Mind’s Eye – Brain and Eye
  • Peace (no War) – Peace and no War Creeper anywhere on table

By Keeper

The number in parenthesis indicates the frequency it shows up in Goals

  •  The Brain(4) – Rocket Science, The Brain (no TV), Hearts and Minds, The Mind’s Eye
  • Bread – (4) – Dough, Toast, Party Snacks, Baked Goods
  • Chocolate – (4) – Squishy Chocolate, Party Snacks, Chocolate Cookies, Death By Chocolate
  • Cookies – (4) – Milk and Cookies, Baked Goods, Chocolate Cookies, Party Snacks
  • The Cosmos – (2) – Star Gazing, Interstellar Spacecraft
  • Death – (3) – All That is Certain, Death by Chocolate, War = Death
  • Dreams – (2) – Dreamland, Winning the Lottery
  • The Eye – (2) – Star Gazing, The Mind’s Eye
  • Love – (3) – All You Need Is Love, Hippyism, Hearts and Minds
  • Milk – (2) – Milk and Cookies, Chocolate Milk
  • Money – (3) – Time is Money, Dough, Winning the Lottery
  • The Moon – (2) – Night and Day, Rocket to the Moon
  • The Party – (1) – Party Snacks
  • Peace – (2) – Hippyism, Peace (No War)
  • The Rocket – (3) – Interstellar Spacecraft, Rocket to the Moon, Rocket Science
  • Sleep – (2) – Bed Time, Dreamland
  • Taxes – (1) – All That Is Certain
  • The Sun – (2) – Squishy Chocolate, Night and Day
  • Television – (1) – The Appliances
  • Time – (2) – Time is Money, Bed Time
  • The Toaster – (2) – The Appliances, Toast
  • War – (1) – War = Death

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New Race For The Galaxy Card Game Expansion Videos Posted

Cory Duplantis has hooked us up again with some more review and overview videos. We focused on Race For The Galaxy again, but this time, we dove into the two expansions, The Gathering Storm and Rebel Vs. Imperium.

If you are curious about this game, hopefully these will help you get a better feel for them.

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New Race For The Galaxy Card Game Video Posted

We have the first in a multi-video series posted about the Rio Grande Games card game, Race For The Galaxy.

This game is an advanced version of Puerto Rico and San Juan, but with a science-fiction theme.

In this first video, of three, Cory Duplantis introduces the concepts of the game and how the basic flow of the game works.

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New Catan Card Game Video Posted

If you like Settlers of Catan, Card Games, and portability, you should check this video out. Cory Duplantis provides you with an overview of how to play the game, as well as a bit of strategy and a review.


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New Munchkin Quest Board Game Video Posted

Around the holiday season, we put together a video showing you the basics of the card game Munchkin, as well as showing you how to play Munchkin.

In that video, we introduced a new board game – Munchkin Quest.

Here is our new video that introduces you to this game based on the Munchkin card game.

Don’t forget, there is also an expansion to Munchkin Quest! Munchkin Quest 2 – Looking for Trouble.

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Board Game Night – How Competitive Are You?

One of the main factors in selecting a board game that is appropriate for the people you’re playing with is gauging your group’s competitiveness. Let’s face it; a mismatch in the competitive department can prove disastrous in a group. No matter how much fun Aggressive Al might be having winning big in Settlers of Catan (or even Monopoly for that matter), if Al mercilessly annihilates Peaceable Pam in the process, feelings can be hurt and the evening can be ruined for everyone. (This can be a particularly difficult problem if Al happens to be married to Pam!)

So, what are some practical ideas for choosing games that will be appropriate for a group with an unknown or mixed level of competitiveness? Well, if you’re the game night organizer, you can do much to ease your group into fun games without starting off with a proverbial “knife fight.” Here’s a guide to some games, based on their Competitive Factor.

Take it Easy

With a group of strangers or one of unknown competitiveness, the safest approach is to start off with a game in which it really doesn’t matter who wins, in other words, so-called Party Games that derive their fun from the playing itself. Party Games are generally filled with laughter, and are great ice breakers. Games to consider in this category include Apples to Apples, a classic game of matching descriptions with persons, places or things or Fluxx, where the rules are always changing.

Moving Up

If your group survives the first category with belly laughs instead of angry invectives, you’re probably safe to venture into some games with more strategy, but minimal direct confrontation. Many of these games fall into the “Lighter Eurogame” category. Carcassonne and its many expansions fit this category well, and are relatively easy to explain to new gamers. In Alhambra, you’ll feel more like you’re building your own fortress instead of attacking your opponents, and San Juan and Zooloretto are great alternatives that aren’t directly confrontational, but will still scratch that competitive itch.

Bring it On

For many groups, the lighter Eurogames will hit the sweet spot, for they offer more in the way of strategy than the pure laughter of party games, but won’t likely degenerate into cutthroat competition. However, if your group desires more direct confrontation, many of the heavier Eurogames provide it. The Settlers of Catan is on the lighter side of these more competitive games, but some real nastiness can be done with the Robber option and road blocking, so be careful if you have a “Peaceable Pam” in your group. For those who want more complexity, with opportunities for confrontation, it’s hard to beat Puerto Rico and Power Grid, but none of these should be a first choice with an unknown group of gamers.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Finally, you might want to try a game that is intentionally the opposite of a competitive game, one of the so-called Cooperative Games. In Cooperative Games, the players don’t compete against one another, but against the game itself. Either everyone wins or everyone loses. This might be an excellent choice for a group that likes a cerebral challenge, but is essentially noncompetitive, or a group that has had a bad competitive experience and needs a serious change of pace. Arkham Horror, and Battlestar Galactica can rightly be called semi-cooperative in nature (you may have a secret traitor in your midst!), while Pandemic is a purely cooperative masterpiece.

In truth, most of us probably have a bit of a competitive streak and board games can be an enjoyable way to express it. But if you take care to match your choice of games with your group’s personality, you’re much more likely to get ’em coming back for more instead of indelibly etching a bad experience in their memories.

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