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Family Board Game Day at Half Off Books

We had our first showing of family board games at Half Off Books in Orange City, on Enterprise – just south of Saxon.

It was exciting for me to have a retail outlet I could bring our games to and share them with the public. Given this was my first attempt at a retail environment, I am not sure how to quantify success. We had one person come in and say “Hey! Settlers of Catan! I love that game! I played it with some friends a little while back and have never seen it again. I had no idea where to get it.” She obviously gave us her e-mail address so we could keep in touch with her.

We had two other couples ask us about some of the other games.

We had two tables set up with Settlers of Catan and Last Night On Earth out and visible.

We also had two tables set up with a bunch of our games out for people to see and look at. We had many open games, with the intent that if someone wanted to try them out, we would let them actually play the game – what better way to see if you like it, right?

We will be at the Altamonte Half Off Books, in Orlando, this Saturday, from 10 – 5. If you want to come out and join us and play a game or two, we would love to meet you.

To get to the Half Off Books in Altamonte Springs, get to the I-4 and SR 436 intersection. Get onto 436 and head west (away from the Altamonte Mall). There is a plaza on the right side, across from Rooms To Go and Popeye’s. They are in that plaza.

My friend, John was in attendance and assisting me with manning the tables. We got in a few games to make the day exciting. We played Last Night On Earth, Oregon, and Carcassonne. I won LNOE and Oregon, but he beat me at Carcassonne.

Everyone who comes out to meet us will receive a 10% off coupon for your next purchase from us at

If you live in Orlando, and want to play some games with us on Saturday, June 14, come out and play!


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