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Secret Wars! – Check Out My Father’s First Book

Everyone wants to be an author at some time…to write the great american novel.

Well, my father did, and got published.

His book is called Secret Wars and he is working under the pen name of Gerard Reldan.

Here is the official synopsis of the story:

Ordinary individuals act in extraordinary ways after a failed presidential assassination attempt masterminded by a wealthy Arab sheik. The Secret Service is trying out new crowd-control surveillance methods during an important address by President Dexter Chandler. The remotely piloted vehicle suddenly, and without warning, dives straight at the podium. No one suspected the explosives packed into the tiny plane that caused extensive death and injury. The Secret Service agents act valiantly, but can’t protect everyone. An investigation immediately starts, revealing huge egos and suspicious evidence that is not thoroughly examined, resulting in a national manhunt for Richard Feinstein. Subsequent events unfold over a two-week period in Washington, D.C.; Tehran; London; and Orlando, Florida, including a second assassination attempt by the Arab sheik’s fanatical followers, this time thwarted by ordinary individuals taking action, even when their own safety or careers are in jeopardy. Sometimes “something good” comes from “something bad” as lives are transformed.

Get your own copy of Secret Wars and let us know what you think of it!


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1960: The Making of the Presdident Board Game Video Posted!

It has been quite a week! Down here in Florida, we are still swimming around with our snorkels and masks from Tropical Storm Fay.

What do you do when you can’t go or do anything because of all the rain? You make a video of course.

So, here is the next video in our product shot videos. It is for the presidential election game, 1960: The Making of the President, published by Z-Man games.

This video is a bit longer than our others because there is a little more to understand about this game. After the basic product shot stuff, we follow a basic series of phases and then show you the debate portion and some of the basics of election day. It should be enough to get you started with the game.
Like the others in this series, there is no audio.

If you are interested in picking this game up for yourself, here is our 1960: The Making of the President product page. This is a game we shopped prices on for you.

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World of Warcraft Adventure Game and Power Grid Videos Posted

We created two new videos for you this month.

I was so excited this month! I am a huge fan of the Warcraft PC games. I have never played World of Warcraft. I know what happens if I do – my life gets sucked away and nothing gets done. Therefore I avoid it. I saw the World of Warcraft board game and thought “Wow, that would be great to play”. I never did. I learned that it was a five-seven hour event. Again, stayed away because I would not have anyone willing to devote that amount of time.

But, this month, Fantasy Flight Games answered my request for a shorter version of the game. I give you World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game.

As with our other product videos, we show you all the details of the parts, pieces, and basically how the game is set up. The goal is to help you determine if you want to add this game to your collection.

By the way, this video has been viewed over 5,000 times on YouTube. Holy Cow!

The second video is about a game I have been curious about. So, we picked up a demo copy and opened it for you to see and for us to learn how to play. This game is Power Grid from Rio Grande Games. It is a very interesting game.

The goal is to buy the most efficient power plants you can through an auction system. Then, you need to buy resources to supply power. At that point, you need to connect your power plants to cities. You get points for the cities. The interesting thing about the game is that it gets more expensive as you go and resources become harder to get. Also, there are not any die rolls or card plays in this game. It is all you! Either you can win or not. It is all on the table for you to see what the other people are doing. If you get behind, it becomes very hard to come back.

This game ships with a double-sided board, so you can play in the US or in Germany. There are also some expansion boards that offer other countries. This allows you to change up your game experiences.

As always, enjoy the videos.

I think next month, we will venture to the land of Catan and look at Settlers of Catan and Traders & Barbarians – the new expansion. We will probably also look at 1960: The Making of the President.

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